Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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Hugo Boss Window on W.14th 

On the way home after a slight shopping adventure, I take a stroll along 14th street on the West Side. Here are the three windows that stand out. Surprisingly, even with All Hallows Eve only a week away, I only see subtle allusions to Halloween. Check out my choices after the jump...

Moschino Window on W.14th 

At Hugo Boss, the funky red hand painted comics in the windows grab the attention of passers-by and invite bystanders to stop and have a read. Perhaps it's the slightly haphazard style of the art that makes one do a double take--or maybe it's the coloring. Either way, there's something strangely appealing about the display! Nearby, a big black cat in the Moschino window rears its head inside a cage, looking menacingly at the woman in a yellow outfit. At first, the ears catch my eye and I stop to see what is protruding underneath. I love the red booties that are paired with the yellow trench--it reminds me of a french fry with a dab of ketchup (Maybe I'm just hungry!). Across the street, Levi's has a wall of boxing gloves up behind a headless mannequin. From afar, the gloves look like doll heads, but upon closer inspection, I realize my eyes are playing tricks on me--Time for a stronger prescription!

Levi Strauss Window on W.14th 

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