Monday, October 15, 2012

*New & Notable: Forward Fashion in The FiDi

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One of the front windows of the Trinity Place Department Store 

Who would’ve known? Located behind the American Stock Exchange, Trinity Place Department Store opened stylishly, yet quietly, earlier this month. Bright pops of color beckon from behind the glass, daring you venture in. Other than the non-descript nameplate, nothing draws attention to the status of “department store." Though the physical address is 61 Broadway, the store entrance is located awkwardly on Trinity Place near Exchange Plaza—across from the shuttered Syms.

Looking through to the back of the store 

Inside, wooden floors lead you towards a shoe wall and accessories tables. The store is draped with a minimalist, yet vintage romantic feel… Think All Saints Spitalfields meets Anthropologie. The atmosphere is calm, the music is soothing and the staff is enthusiastic. Aside from a couple curious stragglers, the store is devoid of shoppers. Hanging mannequins fill some space, proudly garbed in the store's fiercely poetic style. "Wear with Attitude" comes to mind as I peruse the merchandise. 

Mannequins & Bags

The style and fit of the clothes define a 20's to 30's crowd, complete with an affordable pricetag. Items vary from $20 to $600, though most of the tops and skirts that catch my eye are in the $70-$80 range. The bangle jewelry is around the $22 mark. The fall/winter collection features Elleez NY apparel, Mata Traders jewelry, and LeBunny Bleu shoes. Stand-outs are a mustard colored long sleeve sweater with a couple of penguins (pictured above) and an assortment of designer bags printed on canvas (below). 

Designer bags on canvas

All around, workers are adjusting fixtures and finishing off the dressing rooms and second floor which, according to staff, is expected to open in a month. The store's concept offers an affordable, yet edgy addition to the lower manhattan landscape. I'm interested in seeing how the store will fare a year from now. As an added bonus, Trinity is offering a free pair of shoes for ladies who bring 3 friends during the month of October. Happy Shopping!

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