Thursday, May 19, 2022


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rings ceramic vessel by Emily Mullin as part of Flower Craft @MADMuseum

Flowers are delicate, tangible and temporary. Beyond pure beauty, Flower Craft at the Museum of Arts and Design explores the creative visions of artists in the context of aesthetic traditions, stages of a plant's lifecycle and personalized interpretations of botany as contemporary art. Over a six-week period, Kristin Alpaugh (FLWR PSTL), Doan Ly (a.p. bio), Lutfi Janania (ROSALILA), Noritaka Noda, Emily Thompson and Manu Torres will each present a week-long installation in the main gallery of MAD's second floor. Keep reading for a look at the display of vessels and Kristin Alpaugh's The Good Trip and Totem

Installation view of vessels display

Alongside the rotating display, there is a focus on 'vessels' in the Tiffany & Co. Foundation Gallery which includes: a flower + vessel installation by Emily Mullin, a platform displaying vessels drawn from MAD's in house collection and a work by artist and filmmaker Cauleen Smith. Launched in parallel with NYC x DESIGN, MAD Flower Craft will run through June 26th and feature accompanying workshops.  

ruff (2022) ceramic vessel by Emily Mullin

drip (2022) ceramic vessel  by Emily Mullin


Installation view of Totem (2022) by Kristen Alpaugh

The Good Trip (2022) by Kristen Alpaugh up close

Flower Craft Atelier

Totem (2022) by Kristen Alpaugh

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