Monday, March 28, 2022


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Macy's Flower Show 2022 @ Macy's Herald Square, NYC

Diorama windows brimming with brightly colored flowers signal the arrival of Spring... and Macy's annual spectacle de fleurs. Over 15,000 stems in vibrant red, pink, yellow, orange and purple hues--representing 60+ species--are arranged into floral rounds, sculpturesque displays and festive planters scattered across the ground and mezzanine floors. Keep reading for a look inside...

Bright colors fill the Broadway side windows 

When the doors opened Sunday, March 27th, incoming guests are welcomed with a wave of smiles and single stem roses. Always a magnificent display, executive producer Will Coss says, "This Year's Macy's Flower Show will bring floral beauty and dazzling scents together to create a multi-sensory experience." For 2022, Macy's partners with FIT to feature designs by 5 students and Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Viktor & Rolf on a scent house display featuring 5 familiar floral fragrances. Visitors have until April 10th to view the flowers. Click here for details.

Floral styles up close

This year's designs focus on energy and bold modernism

Festive floral

Message of Love

Never too many flowers!

My kid loves flowers :)

Viktor & Rolf Designer Scent House featuring Ruby Orchid + Red Vanilla Bean

Marc Jacobs Daisy blends notes of jasmine + violets

Daisies up close

Fruity floral perfume by Valentino with notes of rose + jasmine and infusions of kiwi

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera features jasmine, cocoa, tonka beans, almond and coffee

Miss Dior features grass rose, peony, iris & lily of the valley

The 5 Fragrance partners featured include Carolina Herrera (Good Girl), Marc Jacobs (Daisy), Valentino, Viktor&Rolf (Flowerbomb), and Miss Dior

Flower show merchandise

Five FIT students were chosen to showcase a style that embraces this year's theme

Front of the Broadway Entrance

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