Saturday, June 11, 2022


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Special Edition Forum high tops showcased at Adidas Showtime Forum Forever exhibit

From court to club, the Adidas Forum sneaker has found its way from the hard wood to the streets and the dance floor. Originally introduced as a basketball shoe in 1984, the Forum has evolved to become a fashion statement and a collaboration piece. Showcasing the Forum's legacy, Chicago/Annex partners with curator, artist and creative director Sean "Belchez" Cort to assemble a 2-floor, multi-room exhibit. Adidas' ongoing campaign--"Find Your Forum" and "Forum Forever"--embodies the concept of creating and celebrating safe spaces (or "forums") for self expression.  Keep reading for a look into the exclusive pop-up exhibition with contributions from over 16 artists and past + present Forum styles. 

Step behind the bodega to view the exhibit

Walk past the bodega in front and bop to the beats, while immersing yourself in the artistic tributes to the Forum. Designed by Jacques Chassing, the exhibit showcases how the signature 3-striped sneakers remain relevant and represented in the past, present and future. Don’t miss the room in the back and the AR Display in the basement. The Showtime Forum Forever exhibit at Lume Studios (393 Broadway) runs until June 12 (1-7PM).

Danny Cortes for Adidas Forum Forever

Adidas x M&Ms (release April 18 2022)

Green M&M inspired colorway on classic Forum 84 Lo silhouette

Brown M&M inspired color way on classic Forum 84 Lo silhouette

Art installation

44" sneaker by Nastassja E. Swift for Adidas Forum

FRKO and TTK for Forum Forever

[L] Kerwin Frost Forum Lo Benchmate [R] Kerwin Frost Forum Hi Humanchives

Artwork by Quiana Parks

Adidas Forum with red stripes and limited edition pins

Sketches and signature track suits

Showcase of past Forum styles

Interactive experience by Poor Marty 
Interactive experience by Poor Marty 

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