Sunday, November 14, 2021


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Mosaic Wishing Well inside Susan Alexandra @ 33 Orchard St.

Grab onto the beaded banana and let yourself into Susan Alexandra's sunny bead-filled paradise! Doused in yellow and blue tile with peachy pink accent walls, the former tattoo parlor at 33 Orchard street has been transformed into the dream retail reality of brand founder Susan Korn. Designer Lula Galea and architect Levi Shaw-Faber consciously created a truly exceptional space, capitalizing on and perfecting every detail. Opened on October 29th, the store's candy colored presentation and product depict delight at every turn. The mosaic wishing well is a masterful centerpiece, inviting iconic insta-worth moments. Drop a penny in for extra good fortune! Keep reading to see inside...
Purposefully placed mirrors portray product perfectly

Beyond offering a unique take on a classic craft, Susan Alexandra's bags, bowls, barrettes--and other accessories and home goods--are made locally by immigrants. In the back room, space is reserved to showcase some of Susan's favorite designers (the likes of Dominique Ostuni, Larry David, Bernie Kaminski). Originally hailing from Ohio, the Orchard Street location is a nod to Susan's Jewish roots. Dimes Square gets a blaze of sunlight and the consciously fashion forward find a new LES haunt (adding to the likes of Coming Soon, Pilgrim NY, Sandy Liang, Aedes Perfumery, Cafe Forgot and more).  

One of the pieces that caught my eye--the Guapa Go Bag

I feel it most appropriate to end with a quote from a Vogue piece that incomparably describes this magical new addition. Cheers to the Lower East Side, and many years with "a warm setting where experiences are made and those relationships are built; a credit card-swiping fantasy land that feels like it was only write about in late '90s fashion magazines; a place where women met to indulge themselves and one another. There's a certain happiness and even intimacy that only comes from shopping at a place not out of need but out of pleasure--and the Susan Alexandra store truly hits that sweet spot" [source].

Wall of Signature beaded bags, including the soiree and citrus styles

Headbands -- How fun is that Picnic Headband?

A peek at the jewelry and accessories at the back of the store

Assorted barettes, clips and pins

Fun styles

Home goods and specialty items from select artists

Banana Door Handle--a kittle kitschy, but definitely catchy!

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