Sunday, December 12, 2021


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[L] Contact sheet from 1987 - Chuck D + Public Enemy // [R] Salt-n-peppa (NYC, 1987)

Despite a cultural burgeoning of NYC in the early 80s, an ethereal energy attracted Janette Beckman to New York's underground Hip hop scene. Armed with a camera and curiosity for photographing people, Beckman spent the better part of 4 decades documenting subcultures from rap and hip hop personalities to LA gangs and illegal girls' fight clubs. Familiar faces, immortalized by Beckman's lens, line the 6th floor  at Fotografiska, NY. Following a 40-year journey photographing musicians to high fashion, Janette Beckman REBELS: From Punk to Dior spotlights 11 key pieces that capture the essence of rebellious youth culture to recent collaborations for Levi's and Dior. Keep reading to see more...


With career highlights including a photoshoot with Run DMC (and posse), the Hoyo MaraVilla East LA gang photos, a day with Keith Haring, and documenting Black Lives Matter protests, Janette Beckman has a distinct style in "documenting cultures and people who are passionate about doing things their own way regardless of society rules." Now in her 60s, the photographer continues to snap fresh fashion, activism and notable personalities citing "my journey has taught me there are no road maps, being an artist is just about following our passion no matter what happens." Stop into Fotografiska to see REBELS: From Punk to Dior until January10th.

[L] Keith Haring @ his studio (1985) // [R] The Riviera Bad Girls (LA, 1983)

[L] Mod Girl (London, 1977) // [R] Cowboy Rodeo (Omaha, 2015)

Photo Wall

Photos from Janette Beckman's 'I Vote Because' campaign

Installation view - 6th Floor Fotografiska

Intro wall for Janette Beckman REBELS: From Pink to Dior @Fotografiska NY

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