Thursday, April 28, 2016


Bergdorf Goodman x Mother of Thousands Collective; Mrs. Noodle Pillow (Molly Findlay), Plant Chair (Chris Wolston), Pinky Boy (Chris Wolston)

Artistic intrigue pervades like a subjective scent. Standalone sculpture seems suspect, though--in context--even treacherous stone can surprise. This week's windows at Bergdorf Goodman feature works by the Mother of Thousands Collective. Molly Findlay's 'Mrs. Noodle' pillow and Ryan Schafer's 'Hottaman Seat' shows that funky furniture can fill a room with fun! Keep reading to see the other artscapes in #BGwindows ... 

Top View, from the side...

Fetish Scones (Chris Wolston), Hottoman Basket (Ryan Schaefer), Parterre Table + Room (Molly Findlay), Teat Pendant (Melodie Beylik)

Elven Promenade Lamp (Katie Stout & Sean Gerstley), Terra Cotta Stool (Chris Wolston), Mrs. Noodle Pillow (Molly Findlay)

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