Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Saks Fifth Ave. windows celebrate and congratulate Parsons graduates

Finding fault is a natural response when projects derail. At the onset of war at the workplace, I've employed reverse psychology to distance defeat. Simply asking advice for improvement prompts a prettier path to success; those who think they know everything already limit their threshold of learning. This week's windows at Saks Fifth Avenue showcase the work of Parson's graduating class. Oh, to be 21 again-- when mistakes form a firm foundation for knowledge building. Keep reading to see stunning student work....  

Designer of the year winners showcase their styles

Lucy Jones and Blair Moore are this year's winners of Parson's "Empowering Imagination" fashion design competition; Jones is also the winner of Parson's Womenswear Designer of the Year award. Of 12 finalists, Jones' "Seated Collection" stands out because of its innovative approach to solving a problem through fashion. Stemming from a "design communication" class project to 'design a project that could change the world,' Jones has created silhouettes for wheelchair-bound individuals. After months of research--and conducting focus groups on improvements in fashion for the seated disabled, a collection was borne. Read more about Lucy Jones and her award-winning thesis project on Fashionista. 

Robert Giordano, Tamara Krantzberg, Tamara Liu, Michael K'yan Yip, Kye You, Kathryn Rambo

Looks by Demi Jing Yang, J Lyn Rhew, Xuan Zheng, Carmen Gama and Marta Remedios Del Rio PĂ©rez

Paper cranes!

Devil's in the details!

Student Work! 

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