Sunday, June 22, 2014


Boy Kong's "Two Tongue Tiger" mural on the Rag & Bone art wall on the corner of Mulberry and Houston streets in Nolita

Rag & Bone's Houston/Project wall (on the corner of Elizabeth and Houston Streets) is known to host a rotating roster of artistic creativity. From Erik den Breejen's illustrative lyrics to 5Pointz founder Jonathan Cohen's brooding bulbs to Stoke's drummer Fabrizio Moretti's astronaut sculptures, the wall has wowed those who stroll the streets of Nolita with its ever-changing contribution of style and art. This turn, Florida bred Boy Kong replaces Joe Hill's eerie 3D house scape with a boldly colored 1D Two Tongue Tiger illustration. While in NYC, Boy Kong debuts his Lucha No Libre exhibit at Brooklyn's Cotton Candy Machine. Keep reading to have a peek inside the exhibit… 

One-and-a-half minute short on the Making of Boy Kong's Lucha No Libre, video courtesy of BOY KONG on Youtube

A 3D artist by trade, Boy Kong brilliantly illustrates, paints and then hand cuts + layers pieces of wood or acrylic to create his signature aesthetic. His pieces usually incorporate a bright and upbeat color scheme while his subjects often portray a bleak (and sometimes gory) message. Boy Kong's newest exhibit, Lucha No Libre puts a spin on the traditional Lucha Libre, a style of amateur freestyle wrestling; the masked luchadores (wrestlers) take on fierce beasts drenched in affable colors such as pale pink, periwinkle and lemon. 

Invite for Boy Kong's opening exhibit at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn

Looking for an outdoor activity to soak in the summer solstice, my honey and I ventured across the Williamsburg Bridge (on foot!) in time for the opening. Both a cotton candy machine and Boy Kong were present to excite guests and provide entertainment for the evening. While street art may not directly translate into "fashion," it certainly incorporates a sense of style worth celebrating. I applaud Rag & Bone's efforts to involve the artistic community and am in awe of the creatives who "do art" well! Boy Kong's Lucha No Libre exhibit runs from Saturday, June 21st to Saturday, June 28th at the Cotton Candy Machine, 235 South 1st St. in Brooklyn. 

Exhibit wall of Boy Kong's Lucha No Libre artwork

Battle with a shark and an alligator

Luchador vs. Narwhal --who will win? This one's my favorite (but a little explicit)

Luchador vs. Pigeon

Closer look at 6 pieces

 Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, There are 2 exhibitions showing right now--the Trifecta and Boy Kong's Lucha No Libre

Boy Kong being interviewed opening night at the Cotton Candy Machine

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