Saturday, December 7, 2019


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Saks Fifth Avenue "Greatness is Everywhere" 2019 Holiday Windows 

In a rare outing Thanksgiving week, we flew down 5th Ave. to catch a glimpse of the holiday windows. Beyond the featured Frozen 2 display, the ladies of Saks Fifth remind audiences that "Greatness is Everywhere." How True! At the most unexpected places and moments--often in the worst situations--minor deeds materialize into major feats. Kindness becomes a catalyst for change. How will you be "great" this holiday season? Keep reading for a look at the 50th Street windows of Saks Fifth Avenue...

Noticeable diversity in this year's holiday windows @Saks

Tis the season for glam and glitter

Santa's Seductress

Fashionably late to the party

Elegant style for the holiday soirée

Energized with a touch of 'edge' this holiday season

Tower of layered ruffles--like a textile tree

Winter white is always welcome

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