Saturday, May 11, 2019


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I bring art where I go (2019) by Paola Pivi for "We Are the Baby Gang at Perrotin

Cuddly, colorful creatures cover the third floor of Perrotin Gallery in the Lower East Side. Six years since the artist's first showing (of larger bears) at Perrotin's Madison Avenue space, Paola Pivi returns with a gaggle of miniature feathered friends. The mini bears are inspired by multiple facets of Pivi's life, including her home in Alaska and a dream, where she found herself in a lagoon, surrounded by baby bears. Pivi hints at the aftermath of climate change, where the bears adapt and adopt feathers in place of fur. "We Are The Baby Gang" is on view at 130 Orchard Street until June 8th. Keep reading to peek inside the exhibit...

[L] Installation View / [R] You drag me (2019)

 Back installation view

 This is what you do when you see a human being (2019)

 Bear like me (2019)

 Time for bed (2019)

It's a true story that hasn't ended yet (2019)

[L] Are you the manager? (2019) / [R] What's up baby bear? (2019)

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