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Andy Warhol by Hand: Part II (Drawings 1950s-1960s) @SperoneWestwater Gallery, LES / [R] Shoe (1957) / [R] Shoe and Handbag

Widely known for the multi-colored diptych of Marilyn Monroe and familiar Campbell's soup silkscreen, Andy Warhol was a ringleader of the 50s and 60s pop art movement. Wielding a cult following and an artist's collective called The Factory, Warhol promulgated color and controversy. Perhaps with such a grandiose personality, graphite and pen sketches present a surprise, exposing a subtle side of the Warhol we "didn't know." Keep reading to see more from Andy Warhol By Hand: Part II (Drawings 1950s-1960s) at Sperone Westwater Gallery... 

Female Head (1957)

Curated by Vincent Fremont, founder of the Andy Warhol Foundation, Andy Warhol By Hand: Part II spotlights 120+ rare drawings from the 50s and 60s. Arranged along 5 themes--flowers, female & male portraits, religious iconography and travel--the sketches span multiple media and capture diverse situations, straight from life. Alongside floral and nudes sprout traces of fashion, evident in the Vogue covers and shoe drawings. A truly enlightening experience, stop in before June 29th.

[L] Seated Female Nude (1956) / [Top R] Female Full Figure (1958) / [Bottom R] Hermione Gingold (1955)

"People think they've seen and know everything about Andy, but that's really not the case. I always find there's something new to learn [about] what kind of an artist he was"
--Vincent Fremont

 [L] Glamour Portrait (1962) 

 Collection of feminine, fashion themed sketches

 Two drawings of women

[R] The Picnic (1960) / [R Top] Butterflies (1955) / [R Bottom] Conical Dessert in Cup (1959)

 Angel drawing

Line art of lovely ladies

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