Thursday, August 11, 2016


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On the bridge to VA Beach!

Here's a window into my world this Wednesday, as I break from the normal routine. The last 10 days have seen sand, sun and sweets at Virginia Beach. Straying away from the 'strip,'  Sandbridge Beach and Red Wing Park (home to the Stone Bridge and 19 poké stops for Pokémon Go!) are relaxing alternatives. We complete a taste trial of top-your-own treats at Duck Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Amazing Glazed, and tour an active Navy ship--thanks to a coworker. Skate parks and slight sunburn later, we sip our last swig of sweet tea and head back to reality. Keep reading for a look into our week in VA Beach... 

 "The Beach" at VA Beach

 Aboard the USS George Washington

 Amazing Glazed [L]; Krispy Kreme [M]; Duck Donuts [R]

Mount Trashmore Park + Skate Park

 Red Wing Park, home of 19 Poké stops and the Stone Bridge

Sandbridge Beach -- a hidden gem in the VA Beach area

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