Friday, July 29, 2016


Let Her Be Free Pop Up by Icy & Sot

Street art duo Icy & Sot share silent statements through stencil art and the launch of their new book at a temporary pop-up in the Lower East Side. Entitled Let Her Be Free, faces of freedom stare back from whitewashed walls, with childlike defiance. Emerging from a background of artistic limitations, the brothers' mostly monotone pieces celebrate the justice, freedom unity and equality available in America. Keep reading for more... 

Let Her Be Free made from cut paper

Based in Brooklyn, the brothers originally hail from Tabriz, Iran. The "city of firsts" bred an energy that becomes the foundation of their politically and socially charged artwork. As Icy & Sot push the boundaries of artistic expression on global streets, the world gets a subtle glimpse of suffering along with its corresponding glimmer of hope. Having been introduced to Forbidden at a show in 2012, their intellectually stimulating stencil work subsequently has me searching for more. If you are in the area, Let Her Be Free is on view at 51 Orchard St. until July 30th. Details here.

Installation View

"Icy and Sot's work cracks open a window into a world where children run free, women own all the choices in their lives, and there are no guns, no borders, no hierarchies and no war."

Justice [R]

New Book launch

Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?

"Growing Up"

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