Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The laid-back ladies of Alice and Olivia on Greene St., Soho NYC

At 34, I'm easing into the zone of 'middle aged.' College acquaintances have converted into decades-long camaraderie. 'Like' has transitioned into life-long 'love' among friends. Intuition undermines impulse and coffee has risen in the ranks as a beverage of choice. In loaded reflection of 'want' vs. 'reality' as applied to the age-old queries of "when I grow up," I realize I'm still guessing on, grasping at, gaining from and --most of all--grateful for the mundane moments, lessons learned and opportunities still to come. I'm still wanting and growing and 'being'... and very much considering "what I want to be when I grow up..." Happy Wednesday and have a look at this week's windows from Greene St., Soho...

Brunello Cucinelli on Greene St., Soho

Dior, Greene St., Soho

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