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Rebecca Minkoff, photo by Danielle Kosann courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

With an edgy rock-chic style and a healthy appetite for layered hardware, Rebecca Minkoff's disarming smile resonates the personal nature of her business and the success that is built from connecting with customers. San Diego native, Minkoff moved to NYC after graduating from an arts-focused high school and the Rebecca Minkoff brand took root in 2001. Three years later, Minkoff had depleted her savings and looked to her brother, Uri for a loan to continue. Minkoff's big break came by the way of an "I Love New York" tee (included in her first capsule collection) that became an instant sensation when Jen Elfmann wore it on Jay Leno. Soon after, the Morning After Bag (M.A.B) was born and--many iterations later--remains one of the most popular handbag styles in the US. 2009 marked the debut of Minkoff's first ready-to-wear collection and 2010 was the year Minkoff became a member of the CFDA. The $60 million revenue in 2012 ($35.7 million the prior year), 185K followers on Twitter to date and steadily increasing number of storefronts bear no hint to the humble beginnings of the Rebecca Minkoff brand. Keep reading for a brief Q&A with the designer.

 Backstage at the SS '14 Rebecca Minkoff show, photo courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff 

A wide variety of skills and experiences come into play in the process of building a brand. For you, what is the best part about being 'Rebecca Minkoff?' What has been the most gratifying learning experience along the way? With only 24 hours in a day and such important roles to fill (i.e. 'mom,' 'wife,' the face of your brand, etc.) do you ever find yourself becoming farther removed from your product or the creative process?

The best part of building the Rebecca Minkoff brand has been the relationship we’ve built with our customers. Throughout the years, we've integrated consumer feedback into our concept of the 'Rebecca Minkoff girl.' We aim to create a lifestyle brand that can take the Rebecca Minkoff girl from work to a dinner out to a lazy Saturday. Our multi-platform social channels have been a huge asset in connecting with our consumers on a more personal level. It's exciting to see how technology continues to expand and become integrated within the fashion world!

While I am definitely busy with work, I always make time for my family. I spend all the time I can with Gavin, my husband, and Luca (my son).

Tell me about your personal style and philosophy...

From an early age, my parents instilled a great deal of drive. They taught me to constantly work hard in pursuit of my goals which ultimately led to where I am today.

My personal style is modern + edgy, while still being feminine. I tend to mix masculine and feminine pieces for my overall day-to-day look. For example, I love pairing flowy dresses with motorcycle jackets. Accessories are also an integral part of my personal style. I am all about layering. It allows you to mix different styles and metals.

Leo Satchel (L) printed ring lizard Perry tote (R), photo courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff 

Wikifashion has you pegged as the #1 independent accessories designer in the United States. Take me through the conception of your signature Morning After Bag line (M.A.B). What is your favorite bag so far (style + color) and what is one color/pattern you regret experimenting with?

The Morning After Bag was one of the first I created. I was 25 at the time and designed something practical, useful and chic for the everyday woman. Since creating the MAB, my collection has expanded beyond handbags to include clothing, shoes and jewelry. So far, my favorite bag has been the Perry Satchel in Black. It is the perfect updated everyday bag.

I can’t think of a specific color or pattern that I regret experimenting with. I think experimentation helps you grow in your creative process. Some ideas are obviously better in conception than fabrication, but you learn as you go what works and what doesn’t.   

Rebecca Minkoff SS '14 runway finale, photo courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

Technology is fast embedding itself in fashion. Not only is it crucial in garment production (i.e. laser cutting), it has revolutionized advertising (i.e. blogs/social media) and become integrated in the customer experience (i.e. virtual shows). Being a pioneer in the use of social media, what have you found to be most effective in connecting with your customers? Do you see a direct correlation between product sales and promotion through “alternative” media channels?

It is important to be aware of new and innovative technology as it affects customer experience. As an early adopter, I'm inclined to try new initiatives. Finding the balance between figuring out what works and what doesn’t when experimenting with new technology is key.

We recently opened the #RMHQ store in our headquarters. Customers can shop in our corporate space and interact on a more personal level with the brand. By incorporating a hashtag in the name of the store, a discourse with consumers is generated on popular digital channels and shoppers become part of our social presence. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter help brands create a closer relationship with the consumer and have proven effective in the current retail marketplace.

There are so many restaurants to choose from in NYC--any favorites? Are there edible delights that you crave every so often? Where would the "Rebecca Minkoff girl" go for brunch and what would she order?

Two of my favorite restaurants in the city are ABC Kitchen and Acme. They are both great for a dinner out with friends or a birthday. I love the beet salad at ABC Kitchen--it is fresh and filling without being too heavy.

The Rebecca Minkoff girl would go to Lafayette for brunch and order the egg white frittata with wild field mushrooms. The restaurant has amazing outdoor seating in the summer and is great for people watching!


  1. This interview is fantastic. I love Rebecca Minkof's design aesthetic. Her clothes are simultaneously feminine and edgy which are perfect for those who like a little sass in their clothing. I really enjoyed reading this post.


    1. Thanks for stopping by--there's definitely some sass with Rebecca Minkoff's style!


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