Saturday, May 17, 2014


 Looking up at Anthropologie at Chelsea Market

Plastic spoons are reincarnated as sculpted fish and stained paper finds refuge at the forefront of Anthropologie's paper lantern parade. The Etsy-esque retailer has a knack for recycling commonplace materials into artistic decor. For 12 days (ending May 26th), Anthropologie Chelsea Market presents TAPED, an installation of domesticated street art by Kamoi Kakoshi (the makers of mt--which stands for masking tape). Who knew a tread of tape could add a bang of brilliance to just about anything! 

Tape bombed!

The interior of Anthropologie's Chelsea Market store has been given a facelift with masking tape! Head over to be inspired by the fun furnishings and test your creativity in the "Free Play" area. I tried my hand at taping--pictures below! While you're there, have a peek at the spring/summer styles and other fabulous furnishings!

 Thick tape on the stairs = colored stripes!

Tape on display and for sale

Oh, the fun anyone can have with tape

The best part--a "Free Play" table where you can tape up your own box. One per person, materials free of charge

Little Eden (7 years old) made a box with an E

 I wanted to try all the colors!

The inside of my box was cooler than the rest!

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