Saturday, May 24, 2014


Feeding Desire brooch by Mary Hallam Pearse, photo by Walker Montgomery (2008)

Photography is infinitely memorable, potentially wearable and discernibly variable over time. When contemporary artists begin relating jewelry and personal identity, a multifaceted approach to wearable photography emerges. Opening May 13th, the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD Museum) introduces a groundbreaking exhibit featuring innovative applications of photography in jewelry. According to MAD Museum's director Glenn Adamson, "Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography offers the first rigorous survey and exploration of the deep and multifaceted relationship between these two mediums."  

 Back room exhibit space at the Museum of Arts and Design--Don't forget to peek into the hole at the end

Located in the second floor special exhibit space, Multiple Exposures replaces the Jewelry of Barbara Berger exhibit. Spread loosely over multiple themes, contemporary artists use jewelry as the medium to document changing views of beauty, memory + desire and society + personal identity. Artifacts range from vintage photographs turned into modern wearables, to photographs with bejeweled elements, to jewelry made from photographic equipment. Over 80 artists from 20+ countries are represented--including Kara Ross, Andy Warhol, Iris Nieuwenburg and Joyce Scott. The exhibit will run until September 14th and feature weekly workshops and other special events [details here]. 

 Secret Peek-hole on the ends of the display cases! Self-portrait with nose (2010) by Bernard Schobinger (2010)

The Revenants (2011), Nancy Worden 

 I Am Who They Were (2011) by Ashley Gilreath, photo by Michael Webster

Necklace with digital video

Ring (1999) by Martin Papcun, photo by Martin Papcun

The Reliquary of My Own Making (2008) by Kiff Slemmons

Necklace with quartz displayed on digital screens

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