Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Coach flagship store, 57th St. and Madison Ave. 

The treacherous task of finding a fitting Mother's day memento leads me down Madison Ave., where a sea of C's fill the windows at Coach's midtown flagship. The distinct display deserves a double take with the bold coloring on faux floral. Along with its Spring product launch, Coach unveils its #MYFIRSTCOACH Mother's Day ad campaign featuring selfies of 'mom and me.' Let us know if you've posted a photo!

Colored C's stacked high

Repetition has a way of creating a visual cohesiveness. Don't you agree? A couple streets away, Cole Haan promotes its new driver's shop with cars built from rugged brown and navy loafers in the windows of its Rockefeller Center store.

 The Bleecker Small Cobblestone Satchel in white Pebbled Leather (bottom) nestled within the C's

Green is such fitting color for the moment as cherry blossoms fade and budding leaves grow in

Cole Haan, Rockefeller Center

Zoom Zoom! These shoes remind me of a school of fish!

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  1. Coach looks incredible, clearly new creative new energy there!~


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