Sunday, April 27, 2014


Bathroom signage at Seattle's Pike Place Market (L) by Duncan Thieme of SRG Architects / (R) Entranceway, by Laura Sindell, 1987

While bathroom signs serve a practical purpose, some signify "Men" or "Women" more stylishly than others. My Easter weekend visit to the West coast uncovers chic signage at both Seattle's Pike Place Market and Vancouver's BC Place Stadium. Where have you seen some cool signs lately?  

Around Pike Place Market--what is this sign saying about men and babies?!

Inspired by original designs, Duncan Thieme of SRG Architects adds a touch of humor (and a twinge of "hurry") to the newer signage at Pike Place. The inspiration comes from the mosaic entryways, originally crafted by Laura Sindell in 1987. Vancouver's BC stadium, the second stop on my West Coast adventure, also moves beyond the traditional to incorporate people of all styles and sizes in their tiled bathroom signage. 

Bathroom signage inside the BC Place Stadium, Vancouver 

Young ladies, old ladies, trim ladies, thick ladies…

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