Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Macy's 2014 Flower show theme is "Secret Garden" at its New York flagship on 34th St.

The story of an orphaned girl with an arduous attitude blossoms into a novel of serruptitious secrets, fancy flowers and mesmerizing miracles. Until April 6th, Macy's NYC 34th Street flagship recreates her Secret Garden, fusing flowers, fantasy and fashion. Dahlias and divas alike linger where over 30,000 live flowers frame entryways with fresh fragrance. "This year, we'll travel on a magical journey of discovery…. As you pass through the gateway, you will be enveloped by rich and dynamic colors, elaborate scenic elements and breath-taking landscaping that will showcase hidden floral treasures," says Mike Gansmore, show producer.

Secret lab in the secret garden!

A lady in red greets guests in the entryway at Broadway and 34th Street, leading into the Secret Garden, the first of 6 show areas. On the opposite end, The Glen, Under The Sea and Backyard Garden merge to give guests a fragrant taste of spring, indoors. The Garden of the Mind unfolds across the majority of the store and includes the "Bouquet of the Day" botanical sculpture crafted by one of 5 rotating floral arrangement artisans. Other attractions include daily events and a display of costumed characters from Cirque du Soleil's AMALUNA. Event details [here].

Enchanted Forest

Up close, inside the window-- real, live flowers!

Seascape. (Taken at an angle to avoid the bright red sign directly across the street)

Close up inside the portal

View from above

-------------------------------------- Inside Macy's 34th St. ------------------------------------------

The lady in Red welcomes guests at the 6th Avenue entryway

Hanging garden

"Bouquet of the Day" by Ed Libby & Company

So many beautiful flowers overhead


Natural archway on Floor 1.5, connecting the Visitor's Center and Starbucks

Garden gate

Perfect timing to introduce Dolce & Gabanna's new fragrance, Dolce

Costumed characters from Cirque du Soleil's AMALUNA are included in the floral displays 

More AMALUNA characters--Fancy!

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