Thursday, November 28, 2013


Yeti Story feature in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue, 49th St. at 5th Ave.

Reportedly first sighted in the 50's, an amicable white Yeti was long rumored to live in the high haunches of Saks Fifth Avenue. At the hands of Michael Beirut, the rumors took shape in 2011 when Saks commissioned a plush likeness of the famed fantasy. This holiday season, Saks' winter windows narrate a heartwarming tale of strength and snowflakes, featuring Yattoy the Yeti and his friends and family. [More photos after the jump!]

The windows are larger than they seem in the photos!

As America prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, Saks' Yeti packs his bag and sets off on a snow-filled, scenic adventure. What does he see and where does he go? You'll have to stop by Saks (or keep reading) to find out! 

In a crowded subway car--what a dynamic display!

Traveling the world...

Left paw with inverted snowflake, Right paw with extruding snowflake

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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