Tuesday, July 30, 2013


You Can Always Rely on Black for Instant Polish. Pair it with White When it's Warmer Out. Style advice at Saks Fifth Ave.

Plaid with stripes? Flats or heels? Leather or Tweed? What's your go-to source for head to toe style-spiration? Over at Saks, the mannequins exemplify clever style excerpts bonded on the windows. 'You can always rely on black for instant polish. Pair it with white when it's warmer out'--How have you modeled monochrome this summer?

The Quickest Way to Look Pulled Together is To Pick a Color or Print and Wear it Head to Toe.

Opposites Attract. Super-Slim Pants Look Best with a Luminous Top, While a Fitted Jacket Calls For Looser Pants

If you have a printed top, pick one bright color from the print and choose it for the pants or skirt, or vice versa

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