Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Closeup of a mannequin wearing white at Bergdorf's 57th St. window

White wields waves of endless empowerment. The absence of color paints a picture of purity, perfection, cleanliness and innocence, inherently inviting prospects of blemish. Amplifying both light and shadow, white projects a singular voice, countlessly teasing the imagination. This week, Bergdorf's 57th St. windows hold mannequins draped in white, entangled in colorful webs of zippers. Portrait style more fittingly captures the inherent "emotion" in the faces--what do you see?

Bergdorf Goodman, 57th Street 

At first thought, white reminds me of snow, chalk, baby powder, storks and the Capital Building. When you think about it, white is commonly used in fashion! Many wedding dresses are white, as are togas and linens worn by mummies and Greek goddesses. Fittingly, the Pope wears white as his official color! In the Middle Ages, knights wore white with a red cloak to acknowledge that they were willing to shed blood for their King or the Church. Babies are baptized in white to symbolize innocence and purity.

Bergdorf Goodman 57th Street

In early Greece and Rome, males 14-18 years of age wore white togas for formal occasions. Bright white togas were worn by candidates for public office. These days, many styles and shades of white allow for endless options when shopping for shoes, dresses and accessories. Lace, leather and lingerie--they all come in varying shades ranging from bright white to eggshell. Which hue fits your fancy?

One mannequin with a colorful dress!

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