Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Louis Vuitton at Brown Thomas, Grafton St., Dublin

Spring flowers sprout new beginnings this April. At the LV boutique on Grafton St., Dublin, a sly spider has spun a floral surprise. Soft shadows stretch across the space and add depth to the display. So, now the important question--white or beige?   

 Chanel at Brown Thomas, Grafton St., Dublin

Around the corner, the ladies of Chanel are ready for a night on the town. Arriving in Ireland, I was curious to scope out the differences in fashion between the two continents. By the end of the trip, I didn't find too many style exclusives. I did walk through a River Island store and a Brown Thomas retailer in Dublin, but felt that they carried things available in NYC. The Sheelin Irish Lace Shop and Museum was by far the most unique fashion spot I encountered while in Ireland.   

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