Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rave / Rant / Review \\ The "New" Nostalgia

Heirloom Modern by Hollister and Porter Hovey

Exquisite cocktails accompany a book signing Thursday night at Anthropologie, Chelsea Market. Stylish sisters Hollister and Porter Hovey greet guests and promote their newly published book, Heirloom Modern. Between sips of champagne and bites of cheese or macaroon, style-minded ladies and gents mingle over innovative interiors and modern applications for vintage goods.  

Champagne cocktails courtesy of art in the age ... Delicious!

Heirloom Modern is the sisters' years-long chronicle of the chicest heirloomists around and a visual compilation of their dwelling space, which is adorned with a balance of modern and vintage. Mixed memorabilia, antique books, vintage Vuitton trunks, eclectic taxidermy and picturesque portraiture are just a few elements that, when combined with a contemporary setting, makes a place that much more "home." 

Porter Hovey signing and book with Hollister Hovey (in gold) in the background greeting a guest

So what of the book? I was compelled to have a glance at what $50 has to offer--and share. Scroll down for a couple looks from between the covers. While I may not be the foremost purveyor of vintage wares, I'm smitten by the juxtaposition of new and nostalgia. Particularly fascinating is the voyeristic insight into a diverse spread of cultured lifestyles. While sometimes I catch myself wondering "Would I really keep a .... on my desk? How creepy!" or "Wow, That looks like a set straight from a museum!", I greatly admire the effort that goes into the creativity and preservation. Personally, I can't imagine the dusting, the polishing and the delicate existence that comes with living in these artfully created spaces... but I bet it would be neat to be constantly surrounded by 'stuff with a story.'

Portrait of the Porter and Hollister Hovey's Grandmother [photo credit: Parker Hovey for Heirloom Modern page 47]

A snapshot of Alexa Romanoff's home [photo credit: Heirloom Modern page 99]

 Hanging dolls  [photo credit: Heirloom Modern page 172]

If you like what you see, check out the "New Antiquitarian" Anthropologie wallpaper designed by the Hovey sisters! 

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