Saturday, February 9, 2013

Color Story: Fall 2013

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The verdict is in! Pantone's Fall 2013 Fashion Color Report has been released. Along with Emerald Green, shades of red, blue, grey and purple are being prominently featured on catwalks this fashion week. Spirited hues in the likes of Turbulence (dark grey), A├žai (deep regal purple), Koi (spiced orange), Samba (mature red), and Vivacious (dark raspberry pink) are just a few of this Fall's color choices. Fun, yet mysterious, this panel of colors represents a more mature state of their bolder and more youthful counterparts. Interestingly enough, yellow and black are absent from the fall lineup. Have you seen this palette live, in or outside the tents at Lincoln Center? Comment with links!

For Pantone's full scoop, check out the PDF or visit their site.  

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