Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Banana Republic on Fifth Ave. at 50th St.

Squares, stripes, blocks, honeycombs... It's almost Fashion Week, and two recurring trends in this week's windows involve repeating shapes and companionship. There's something clean, soothing and almost dependable about repetition. In some cases, it provides the perfect backdrop, focusing attention on expertly styled mannequins. With the resort season in full swing, it makes sense to see pairs and pals heading out together, to enjoy winter in a warmer climate.     

Fendi on Fifth Ave. between 53rd and 54th Sts.

Fendi's windows draw on square and rectangular shapes. The textured gold blocks--to me--illustrate the idea of breaking down barriers between two people. Friend? Foe? Past Love? Significant Other? Is there someone out there you've built up a wall between? New year, New slate... perhaps it's time to consider penance, forgiveness or indifference. It sure helps ease the transition... in style!

Massimo Dutti on Fifth Ave. at 54th St.

Sisters? Strangers? Bloggers? Massimo Dutti's window holds a trio of ladies milling in front of a collection of patterns on canvas. I like the the contrast of the sharp corners  against the soft "stripe" background, created by the folds of the white curtain. Gather a couple good friends and go gawk at art, gossip about gentlemen or just enjoy the intellectual stimulation you can't achieve as an individual... Or better yet, grab your guy or gal and "vanish" for a couple days....

Gant on Fifth Ave. between 51st and 52nd Sts.

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