Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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Mulberry on Spring Street in Soho

With rapid advances in technology, emails and text messages have just about replaced manual correspondence. Mulberry's Soho storefront reminds me of postcards from childhood pen-pals and the lengthy wait for letters from friends far and near. Every so often, I send a random package in hopes of brightening a friend's day. Instant is nice, but a tangible token of thought is incomparable!

Alice and Olivia on 14th St. in the Meatpacking District

Sale season is upon us and superior style is in the cards. Many retailers are slashing prices and Alice and Olivia's window subtly builds the message into the theme--Clever! Personally, I love sales only as much as I love having a stylish selection to choose from!

Diesel on Spring St in Soho

Experimentation is in the cards this week. Find your inner rebel, much like the mannequins at Diesel and ChanelBe bold, break out of the style bandwagon--dye your hair pink! Mix it up a bit!

Chanel on Spring Street in Soho

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