Wednesday, December 26, 2012


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DVF Store, showroom and studio on Washington St. in the Meatpacking District 

All is quiet in New York City as the holidays breeze by. The quieter-than-normal streetscape reminds me of college--when the majority of campus vacates to respective homes, leaving a handful of stragglers and international students yearning for the possible extended invitation. DVF's window reminds me of the love rekindled during the holidays--between siblings, among families, towards one-another, in remembrance of the past and on behalf of strangers. Blow a kiss, smooch under the mistletoe and kiss 2012 goodbye!

Alice and Olivia's 3rd location in the Meatpacking opened in October of 2012 

Obligatory family celebrations are often followed by New Year's Eve fĂȘtes  filled with friends, formal fashions and frivolous festivities. Remnants of Christmas slowly fade as thoughts of the future creep into play. Alice and Olivia's mannequins are dressed for the party and have traded in the garnished evergreen for snow covered branches with a bit of bling. 

Alexander McQueen store on West 14th St. 

Alexandar McQueen's minimalist windows speak to us with a futuristic twist. Though the style of McQueen is routinely spectacular, ornate and jaw-dropping, it's almost refreshing to see practical ready-to-wear on display from time to time. It humanizes a brand that's almost always stylistically impractical and insanely expensive. In this window, the black, white and orange palette reminds me of... penguins!

Maje on Prince St. in Soho 

Speaking of penguins.... Over at Maje in Soho, plastic penguins invade the storefront! Parading around pink Sale signs, shoppers are pointed towards the markdowns to come. Post-holiday sales will soon steal the show, though some retailers are starting semi-sales for last-minute shoppers. Stay tuned to see pricing drop like the winter temperatures, once the new year begins!

Maje on Prince St. in Soho 


  1. I'm completely loving the stuffed giraffe with the necklaces in the Alice + Olivia window. And the one with the mannequin holding the penguin totally cracks me up! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! The giraffe and penguins were definitely a highlight for me too!


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