Sunday, November 18, 2012


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Do you frequent a shop because of the clothes? Or does the staff sell you with their style? Is price a primary selling point, or do the people keep you coming back for more? When store staff double as live brand ambassadors, it certainly helps to have conversational charm AND exemplary style. I take to the streets to check out the Lower East Side boutique scene.

Megan rocks vintage glam at Old Hollywood on Broome St. 

At Old Hollywood on Broome Street, Megan's look captures old-style casual glam and complements the essence of the store. Taking the form of a vintage curiousity shoppe, Old Hollywood draws a crowd with its homey rustic decor and impeccable merchandising. It's fun to walk in and be surprised with the offerings, whether it be 1960's jewelry peeking from music box drawers, modern books on ancient art or brand new clothing from a vintage-inspired collection by Keds. 

Seong from ODD on Ludlow Street

Across the great divide of Delancey Street, Seong from Odd on Ludlow channels the brand's aesthetic of sleek and dark in his tissue-thin aubergine long sleeve, black slacks and silver rings. In a quick exchange, I learn that contrary to his personal style, old Korean scarves top the list of items Seong views as stylish. Growing up, he felt his Grandma's scarves were indelicately tacky. These days, Seong finds the indigenous patterns and textures to be amazing and wonderful. 

Ashley, owner of Honey in the Rough on Rivington Street

Over at Honey in the Rough, Ashley's wooly batwing sweater is representative of the unique and fashionable finds available in-store. Dresses are a favorite in Ashley's closet and they also occupy a sizeable portion of the store. In addition to apparel, Ashley has curated a selection of beauty products and accessories, and even offers make-up lessons and services!

Mikaela at Yumi Kim on Stanton Street

A couple Streets down, Mikaela at L.E.S staple Yumi Kim reveals that the favorite part of working at the store is the customers. She loves meeting new people and getting to know her customers. Mikaela's friendly disposition is great for business and often results in repeat customers!

Chris at knitwear specialist Revolution Now on Bowery

Chris at Revolution Now on Bowery, is clad in the store's signature style--knitwear with a modern twist. A new kid on this block, Revolution Now opened its doors right before Superstorm Sandy and is only starting to make its mark in the Lower Manhattan retail scene. As Chris explains, the brand specializes in knitwear that can be considered career chic during the day and transition right to dinner and dancing--perfect for work and play!

To the wonderfully pleasant staff who agreed to be photographed for this piece--thanks for being the pick-me-up in each session of retail therapy, thanks for the compliments and confidence boosters and thanks for the quick non-committal conversations. As for the rest of you--Thanks for reading! Oh, and if you happen to be in the neighborhood, take a minute to stop in and say hi to these stylish guys and gals!

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