Sunday, October 7, 2012

Focus on Wool

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Campaign for Wool Installation at Bryant Park 9.27.2012

As the temperature outside drops and the last strains of summer blur into fall, Wool takes center stage in NYC. Local celebrations showcasing the winter staple include The Art of Knit, a Benetton Pop Up (Sept. 6 through Dec. 31) at 128 Crosby and Campaign for Wool’s Wool Uncovered installation at Bryant Park (Sept. 27).

Kids reaching for wool at the Fountain at Bryant Park 9.27.2012

Using the Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain as an anchor point, Bryant Park is given a wooly makeover to kick off wool week in the US. Contests, demos, new d├ęcor—even a pen of live sheep—lure New Yorkers to “join the flock” and bring attention to wool as a naturally sustainable resource. Young and old experience the benefits of wool and sample the best of what wool retailers have to offer.

The Art of Knit at 128 Crosby 9.28.2012

Meanwhile, in Nolita, art and fashion find common ground in knit. Putting a controversial spin on sensuality, Benetton Group’s You Nguyen and Cuban-born Erik Ravelo collaborate to assemble installations of Lana Sutra in yarn at an abandoned garage space on the corner of Houston and Crosby Streets. Merchandise segmented by color mingle with handicraft of a like palette under a bevy of skylights. Stuffed animals, specially curated objects and artisan apparel lend their presence in this study of knit, designed as an exploration of diversity and a tribute to humanity. The pop up is open until New Year's eve 2012 and will feature classes and rotating exhibits, so stop in often! 

Inside Benetton's The Art of Knit at 128 Crosby 9.28.2012

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