Monday, September 11, 2023


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Rimowa cases from "friends and family" showcased at the RIMOWA, SEIT 1898 exhibit

Entering Chelsea Factory, guests are instantly transported into a world of travel and innovation. The journey begins as you join a line leading to the ticket counter. Along the way, striking blue branded carpet, clocks set to different time zones and sleek black retractable stanchions set the scene for adventure. With a boarding pass and curated booklet in hand, "passengers" venture into the Rimowa SEIT 1898 exhibit, entering a dimly lit space where the magic unfolds. This is where the story of Rimowa's remarkable 125 year journey "SEIT 1898"--since 1989--comes to life. Launching in parallel with NY Fashion Week, Rimowa presents a showcase that pays homage to the profound impact it has had on the "transformation of transport." Keep reading for a look inside...

On entry, guests queue at the reception desk, similar to waiting in line for a boarding pass

Throughout the Rimowa SEIT 1898 exhibit, history comes alive in the most tangible way. Over 100 cases, thoughtfully curated and featuring some from "friends and family" of the Rimowa brand, take center stage. Each case--crafted from the signature anodized grooved aluminum synonymous with Rimowa--exudes a personal touch, practical purpose or historical relevance. Some cases crossed the Atlantic and withstood time and travel, becoming artifacts of history themselves. Others have become canvases of experimental creativity. Still others exude the partnership between Rimowa and notable brands. The cases serve as reminders of the pioneering spirit, artistic expression and design revolution since Rimowa's founding in Cologne, Germany. 

Armed with a personalized boarding pass and booklet, off we go!

New York City marks the second stop on Rimowa's global tour, following an initial debut in Tokyo. The journey continues with Shanghai as the next destination this December, followed by a homecoming in Cologne, Germany--Rimowa's birthplace. Visiting with a toddler, I truly appreciate the bold colors and interactive elements (such as the sticker wall and the matcha / beverage station!). The exhibit is worth the pit stop and runs from September 8 to the 17th.

'Leaving a Mark' - Interactive sticker wall

History of Rimowa

'Diversifying Design' and 'Full Spectrum' view

Rimowa innovations

'Looking to the Future'

'What's in a case?' - An exploded view of a Rimowa hard case

From saddle to sky!

'The Sound Stage' - Series of specialty cases made for musical instruments

So many uses for anodized grooved aluminum!

View of collaborations

'Artists Gallery'

Rimowa "leisure lounge"

Select brand collaborations

Matcha station at the exit--a clever take on airline service!

Entryway into the exhibit "since 1898"

View from the front--Chelsea Factory 547 West 26th St.

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