Monday, July 17, 2023

Bulgari Serpenti Anniversary Exhibit: 75 Years of Infinite Tales NYC Pop Up

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An infinity room with AI and Machine generated art installation, by Turkish artist Refik Anadol, is an exhibit highlight

Curiosity enticed my friend and I to join the short-ish line at Bulgari's 70 Gansevoort Street pop up, while our kids napped. We stepped into Bulgari's 75 Years of Infinite Tales exhibit, during its final weekend in NYC. Inside, a showcase of the brand's heritage styles from the forties to the present are intermingled with unique pieces commemorating this special celebration. At the center of the space, the doors open into a dynamic infinity room with bold splashes of color created by Turkish artist Refik Anadol. Keep reading to have a look inside.

Uncommon mix of Onyx, diamonds and emeralds

Bulgari, a brand with unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance, celebrates its storied heritage with grace and grandeur. This captivating showcase not only illustrates the evolution of the iconic Serpenti collection, but also serves as a testament to Bulgari's dedication to innovation and artistry. Meticulously curated photographs and other artifacts offer a glimpse into the brand's rich history. Walk around the bend and witness two jewelers crafting an exquisite piece. Step into the infinity room and become enveloped in an unforgettable sensory experience that captures the essence of Bulgari's philosophy... through the artistry of Refik Anadol. 

Photographs and Ads

Refik Anadol's installation is nothing short of magical...taking visitors on an awe-inspiring journey into the world of digital art. Crafted from an astonishing dataset of over 70 million photographs - encompassing both flowers and the Serpenti collection - visitors are engulfed in a mesmerizing display of color the moment they step inside. If you missed it, have a look at the other amazing art by Rafik Anadol and Serpenti

Vintage Serpenti pieces

More vintage Serpenti pieces

Impressive pieces!

View into the infinity room

The images are in constant motion 

Made from a dataset of over 70 million photographs of flowers and of the serpent collection

Look down, look all around--same impressive view!

Entry to the infinity room

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