Sunday, November 22, 2020


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First Daily Paper Flagship in the Lower East Side of NYC on the corner of Christie and Delancey Streets

Survival of the fittest transforms the NYC retail landscape as a pandemic, civil unrest and a hotly contested election trigger store shutterings, job loss and an overall sales slowdown. Amid the chaos, a ray of hope has sprouted on the corner of Delancey and Christie Streets. Daily Paper, a brand founded by Dutch friends Hussein Suleiman (whose family is from Somalia), Abderrahmane Trabsini (whose family is from Morocco) and Jefferson Osei (whose family is from Ghana), opened its New York Flagship in the Lower East Side on October 24th. This is the first store outside Amsterdam for the Black-owned fashion brand. Keep reading for a look inside the captivating space...

Looking up at the two-story storefront lined with over 13,000 Arizona cans

In passing, it may not be obvious that under Dutch gables, the front facade boasts 13,000 Arizona Iced Tea cans pressed in circles and arranged in a pattern inspired by African beadwork. Inside, guests are greeted by a marble circle bearing the Daily Paper logo and the constellation sighted on the brand's launch day in 2012. Created in partnership with Heather Faulding of 4Plus design, the unique space features high ceilings, up-cycled / recycled elements and an afrofuturistic aesthetic spread over 2 floors and 1,140 square feet of retail space. The perfectly spaced items and walls of mirrors provide a sense of refreshing comfort.

Up close--Arizona cans molded by volunteers of an Upstate NY church

Originally a dilapidated storefront, the space at 18 Delancey Street was chosen by the founding trio for its resemblance to childhood in Amsterdam Old West. The vibrance and and cultural presence of the Lower East side serves as the perfect home to the street-ready pieces. "We hope that our store will function as a catalyst for a new era in NYC where different communities and like-minded people come together," says Osei. With a rooftop and a second floor lounge space, it will be interesting to see what the post-COVID life brings.

Marble entryway bearing the Daily Paper logo and the constellation sighted on the day Daily Paper launched in 2012

Second Floor with stairs to the roof

On the second floor, a glass 'runway' with a view down to the first floor

Perfectly spaced racks

Artwork with Recycled materials

Futuristic mannequins with toes!

Up close of the Purple Comic Jokim coat ($385)

Stairs featuring artwork by black artists

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