Monday, October 12, 2020


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Pieces of Her  (20 x 20 in canvases painted over 10 years) by Kelly Reemtsen: The Shape of Things at Albertz Benda Gallery

Putting a new spin on the 'stylish and strong' woman, Kelly Reemtsen creates a series of 3 new works featuring saws, stilettos and a sentiment of female empowerment. On view at Albertz Benda Gallery until November 7th, Oval Paintings, Pieces of Her and Chainsaw Sculptures smartly substantiate the idea that a woman can be both good looking and hard working. In the first gallery, thirty 20 x 20 portraits display anonymous--yet impeccably dressed women--standing at ease and wielding hand or power tools. A second gallery houses ten Reemtsen branded chainsaws. Large oval paintings with women (from the bust down) wielding tools hang in the inner gallery. Though initially unsettling, Reemtsen's paintings tug at the imagination; think what you will of a well-dressed woman clutching tools with confidence! Keep reading to have a closer look.....

Close up of Pieces of Her

Right side gallery view of Oval Paintings

There's something liberating about the juxtaposition

So coy and matter-of-fact!

Power Stance!

Close up of Reemtsen branded "chainsaws"

Installation view Chainsaws

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