Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 Chanel, Spring Street Soho

Third quarter earnings have been released, but the 1.8 million making news for Chanel has little to do with balance sheets. In fact, the sizable flock of followers attributed to Chanel's Instagram debut Monday proves the popularity of the brand's "cool girl" style. This week, midriff-bearing, tweed jacket wearing mannequins show that comfort comes in choice colors. Keep reading for a look at this season's sporty-chic styles and Chanel's signature tweed wrapped sneakers...

Locker-room looks!

 Looks comfy… interesting color combination

Sparkles + Sneakers

Signature Chanel tweed on sneakers!


  1. I didn't love these looks on the runway; but in the windows...le sigh. Totally in love!



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