Sunday, September 7, 2014


(L) Dennis white combo jacket + opal white geometric dress // (R) Stan white folded top + Cleo white jogger

Mother nature makes memorable moments, surprising us with spells of variable and minimally repeatable delights. In flux with the weather, many manage to find fashionable fixes to endure every forecast. This September, seasonal sentiment by way of snowstorms, sun showers and other familiar forces of nature form the foundation of Climate Change, designer Ann Yee's Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Have a look at her interpretation of next Spring's hot looks….

(L) Eloise stitch-blocked cut-out crop sweater + Fifi sweater jogger // (R) IONA cornflower textured shift dress 

For 2015, Yee elevates the complexity of comfort and casual by infusing her signature knit pieces with sporty elegance. Whether scorching sun, high-impact hurricanes or relentless rain, architectural lines and a hint of seasonal panache complete a cohesive  weather-inspired look.

Half the SS 2015 styles

This Fashion week, Ann Yee presents her collection at Refinery Rooftop. Set outdoors against the Manhattan skyline, shifting models exhibit all 12 looks with Sarto Franco shoes. Orange + fuchsia lips from Fatima Thomas (and the MAC team) and nail art by INNI complete the look. Have a look at Ann Yee's site and my Q&A with the designer here.

 (L) Rita white elbow sweater + Charlie piped slate trouser // (R) Hugo drop stitch handknit sweater + Joan vegan white leather runner short

Strike a pose!

(L) Coral crop top in mixed textures + Ivan slate angle skirt // (R) Fabian space-dyed inset sweater + Connie black silk runner short

(L) Iris drop stitch handknit cardi + Fran piped coral bermuda short // (R) Fabian space-dyed inset sweater + Connie black silk runner short

Katrina printed dress in mixed textures

Quite a turnout--Look at all that monochrome!

Designer Ann Yee in her own design

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