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 Marilyn Monroe: Grey Fur Session 2 photo by Milton H. Greene (1956); Taken during the filming of "Bus Stop" [photo credit: Limited Runs)

Model, movie star and media sensation, one woman singlehandedly redefined 'sexy' and 'style' in the late 50s. Known to most as Marilyn Monroe, the innocence of Norma Jeane Mortenson became eclipsed by the blonde bombshell persona Hollywood helped invent. Posthumously, Monroe continues to captivate the masses and remains an inspiration to artists and actresses alike today. In a stunning show of 38 never-before-seen photographs, Limited Runs presents Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star for five days from July 22-26th at SUMO Gallery in Tribeca. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of the images on view...

Opening its doors to the general public, SUMO shares the secret stash of 5 photographers who have captured rare candids of a 'natural' Marilyn in between film takes for Niagara, Bus Stop, The Misfits and River of No Return. Taken during her ascent to acclaim (between 1952 and 1956), the photos expose a lighthearted lady, effortlessly unhindered by a volatile childhood and destructive tendency towards substance abuse. 

Dubbed the "Color Photography Wonder Boy," Milton Green photographed high profile personalities for notable publications and became Marilyn Monroe's official photographer. Green's images of a fur-clad Marilyn (for this exhibit) were shot in April 1956 on the back lot of 20th Century Fox during the filming of Bus Stop
Marilyn's personal makeup artist-- Allan "Whitey" Snyder--contributes a series of photos shot during the filming of Niagara in 1952, along with 1956 Showgirl-esque shots and a series on set with Milton Greene. Ironically, perhaps the most revealing image is one with Marilyn and two black bears (1953) in which Monroe is fully clothed, but with almost no makeup. In 1962, Snyder did Monroe's makeup one last time for her funeral and served as a pall bearer.  

Marilyn Monroe: Helicopter 3 // Marilyn Monroe Party 4; both photos by Lani Carlson (1952) [photo credit: Limited Runs]

A sound engineer, Lani Carlson posed as a photographer for the Chicago Tribune and gained access to celebrities on account of his counterfeit credentials. His memorable moments for this exhibit were taken at a party at Ray Anthony's home to celebrate the release of the song "Marilyn" by Ervin Drake and Jimmy Shirl. Since the images were captured with a David White Stereo Realist 3D Camera, they appear 3D when seen through a special viewer. 
Commercial photographer Mischa Pelz was hired to take photos of lawn furniture, with Marilyn as the model. From there, a friendship blossomed and little else is known about the LA-based photographer. Several hours after an earthquake, photographer Andrew Strauss, once-assistant to Pelz (and bought the studio from Pelz), discovered a fallen print box that contained photos of an afternoon Pelz spent with Marilyn Monroe (1953); its contents have been curated for this exhibit.

 Marilyn Monroe: Lawn Session 5 photo by Mischa Pelz (1953) [photo credit: Limited Runs]

In 1961, Thomas "Doc" Kaminski was commissioned to document the making of the film The Misfits, written by Marilyn Monroe's then-husband playwright Arthur Miller. Kaminski documented the process on his 16mm camera over 61 days. For this exhibit, Kaminski's stills show the actress's interest in learning the process of filmmaking. All 38 photos can be viewed and purchased online at Limited Runs. NYC exhibit details are below: 

Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star @ Sumo Tribeca 
37 Walker St. (between Church St. and Broadway) 
July 22-26
Open Noon to 7PM

Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum2 photograph by Allan "Whitey" Snyder (1953) [photo credit: Limited Runs]

Marilyn Monroe on Set 1 photograph by Thomas "Doc" Kaminski (1960); Taken on the set of The Misfits [photo credit: Limited Runs]

Marilyn Monroe Jasper National Park 1 photograph by Allan "Whitey" Snyder (1953) on a sign in front of SUMO Gallery Tribeca

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