Saturday, December 21, 2013


Linda Farrow + Neiheiser & Valle at the BOFFO space, Pier 54

Bright lights, sunglasses and lightweight gold beams complete an indoor mirrored beach--the handiwork of BOFFO's latest pairing of Linda Farrow and architects Neiheiser & Valle. Protesting the dark and snowy days of winter, the exquisite sunglass designer and innovative architects have created an artistic installation that tests the boundaries of minimalism and balance. Part artistic installation, part eyewear boutique, the pop up--inside a shipping container parked at Pier 54--showcases Farrow's current line as well as collaborations with Oscar de la Renta, Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang and others. Take your pick from the vast selection, poised delicately on beams held in place by piles of loose gravel. Hurry by, as the temporary retail space will fold on Christmas eve.

Pricing ranges between $295 and $2000

Vast selection from aviators to cat eye sunglasses!

Glasses & Gravel--the cat eye glasses are a favorite!

Balancing act!

Set in a shipping container at Pier 54

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