Saturday, September 7, 2019


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Claire Fleury presents Hello I Live Here @Brooklyn Museum 

Friday night at the Brooklyn Museum is wrought with color and acceptance. Classical paintings take a front row as Claire Fleury presents Hello I Live Here (part of "Pursuit"--a showcase by DapperQ, sponsored by Tomboy X). Fleury's collection comprises 6 bespoke pieces crafted specially as "an ode to planet earth and the diversity of creatures the inhabit it." Click to see the looks...

Look 2 of 6: Rakia Seaborne

Clothing: Claire Fleury
Theme: Hello, I Live Here
Choreography: Larissa Velez-Jackson
Makeup: Strawberry
Hair: Jonathan Clarence

 Look 3 of 6 // Model: Munroe Lilly

Look 4 of 6 // Model: Shane O'Neill

 Look 5 of 6 // Model: Alonzo Cruz Bourne

Have a little fun, won't cha?

Look 6 of 6 // Model: Mojo Disco

Final Lineup -- Up Front : Look 1 of 6 // Model Seana Steele

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