Wednesday, January 31, 2018


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[L] Patrick Kelly dress (F/W 1986) / [R] Duro Olowu ensemble (Fall 2012) at FIT's #BlackFashionDesigners exhibit ending May 2017

Adjusting to life in limbo--while on a fast train to a frightening future--has its ups and downs. Five seasons of Gossip Girl later, I'm finally securing socks + shoes at a reasonable pace and ambling towards an advanced state of lurking indoors. While unable to share street-side snaps at the moment, keep reading to see photos of the Museum at FIT's Black Fashion Designers exhibit I had neglected to post...

[L] Scott Barrie dress (1973) / [ML] Fabrice Jumpsuit (1978) / [MR] James Daugherty Jumpsuit (1974) / [R] Jon Haggins dress (1980-85)

African designers account for 1% of those covered by (the source for viewing collections from designers around the world). This past May, the Museum at FIT tendered a look at African designers from the 1950s to the present. Organized into a variety of themes such as evening wear, menswear, street style, experimental fashion and African influences, the exhibit highlighted the often underrepresented contributions of black designers and the cultural diversity they bring to fashion.

[L] Jon Weston silk dress (1955)

[L] Willi Smith pant suit (1984) / [R] CharlesHarbison Coat (2016)

Up close detail of Balmain dress (2013)

[L] Jon Weston Coat ('57) / [L-M] Brenda Waites Bolling Tunic ('70s) / [M-R] Byron Lars Union Suit ('87) / [R] And Re by Andre Walker set (2016)

Installation view

[L] Stella Jean dress + socks (2015) / [ML] Lisa Folawiyo dress (2015) / [MR] Mimi Plange dress (Spring 2013) / [R] Christie Brown set (2016)

Installation view of 'street influence'

Activism Installation view [M] Stoned Cherrie T-shit and Tsong skirt (2010)

Black Models installation view [M] Veronica Webb styled ensemble / [R] Lemlem by Liya Kebede dress (2016)

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