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 Louis Vuitton presents #NYCVVV; Volez, Voguez, Voyagez, at the American Stock Exchange Building 86 Trinity Place

Almost immediate, a sense of adventure appears as guests queue to enter Louis Vuitton's NYC rendition of Volez, Voguez, Voyages. On entry, an animated train mesmerizes visitors, alluding to the forward progression and active evolution over the brand's 163 years. Building on its "art of travel" mantra, Louis Vuitton enlists the expertise of curator Olivier Saillard and artistic director/set designer Robert Carsen to saturate the former American Stock Exchange space with trunks, travel accessories and tales of historical significance. Fly, Sail and Travel with Louis Vuitton over 10 epic segments and one exhaustive journey through time. Keep reading to have a look inside...  

 Lady's Low Trunk in striped canvas (1886)

Beyond the 'big brand' persona of today's Louis Vuitton, curator Saillard starts small, highlighting bespoke beginnings with a lone trunk--symbolic of the brand's staple, styling and success. A lone greeter introduces the brand and ushers guests into a room which emphasizes the prominence of wood in the production process. Wood is a key component of trunk craftsmanship, serving as the frame and reinforcements--and sometimes offering added benefits (e.g. Camphor tree wood to ward off pests, Rosewood for its fragrance).

Classic Trunks...

Weaving past the multitude of trunks (Striped, monogrammed, colored--for linens, shoes, wardrobes, hats, etc.), visitors traverse a hallway lined with antique advertisements--a segue into "Travel." An enormous 2-story sail looms over desert dunes and a ship deck, drawing attention to both expedition and the rise of yachting. Standouts include patterned suitcases created for Wes Anderson's The Dajeeling Limited and 1900s steamer bags (aka "hampers")--used to separate out dirty laundry.

 #9 + #12 Suitcases created for Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited

Equally remarkable rooms dedicated to Automobiles, Aviation and Locomotives brim with choice treasures and perceived movement. Each area evidences how luggage adapts to a different mode of transport. Dynamic staging draws the audience closer to the artifacts; the front of an airplane with movable propeller + wheels hangs from the wall (the wings serve as shelves) in 'Aviation,' while products line an endless road in 'Automobiles' and animated 'windows' mimic a functioning trompe l'oeil train car in 'Trains.' 

Installation view 'Expeditions'

Advancing towards the second floor, the exhibit's curb appeal has now reached museum caliber and continues to grow in grandiosity. A room bathed in monogrammed suede surrounds library trunks and trunks that bear the means for creative expression. An adjacent room features a sampling of Gaston-Louis' private collection of Curio trunks splayed on a wall, stacked from floor-to-ceiling. A fleet of fragrance bottles glitter as passersby search in pursuit of the next room.

 Installation view 'The Rise of Yachting'

Up the stairs, modern day LV evokes peripheral familiarity. A bright red Supreme skateboard and case separates two very different LV x Kim Jones collaboration sets. A mini pumpkin miniaudiĆ©re rests in an LV case beside collaborative pieces by Stephen Sprouse and Jeff Koons. Remnants of runway highlights and a looping runway show extend a final salute to America in "Louis Vuitton Loves America."

 LV...More than just trunks...Made-for-travel clothes + bag collections
All in all, Volez, Voguez, Voyagez is inordinately impressive and highly worth a visit. Stop by 86 Trinity Place until January 7, 2018. To enhance your experience, download the ap and pass through the two retail concepts at Brookfield Place (until March 2018) and the 82nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel. Bon Voyage!

'The Automobile' passageway

'Aviation' section

 Sky colored room + show pieces inspired by aviation

'Trains' Installation view--The digital "windows" make the train movement seem so realistic!


'Curio Trunks' wall

 'Sophisticated Dandies' Installation View

 Louis Vuitton Haute Joallierie Collection (2014)


'Collaborations' including LV x Kim Jones + Jake and Dinos Chapman and LV x Supreme

More LV x Kim Jones + Jake and Dinos Chapman

 More LV collaborations

Up close LV x Yayoi Kusama MinaudiƩre case

 'Louis Vuitton Loves America' --The final chapter

 A view of 'modern luxury' through the world of Louis Vuitton today

Live demonstration of craftsmanship

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