Friday, September 22, 2017


 Milk Gallery and Trouble Andrew present The Real Buy @ 450 West 15th St.

Life is Gucci--slang for "Life is Good" rolls off the tongue of Trevor Andrew and onto tees and tiles that line the streets of NYC and beyond. Better known as "Trouble Andrew," the creator of GucciGhost (also a musician and former Olympic snowboarder) has "re-interpreted" the Gucci appeal with a sleek slogan and street-art spin on the classic double G's. Since being discovered by the brand in 2015, Trouble Andrew has been tapped to collaborate and proliferate his artwork, which has transformed from street art into swanky streetwear. Starting fashion week and spanning most of September, Milk Gallery hosts the Bed-Stuy based artist, as he brings his Brooklyn studio space to Manhattan. Keep reading to have a look inside... 


Dubbed "The Real Buy," MILK x Trouble Andrew's showcase of mixed media, art installation and fallacious fashion gives a glimpse into what life has been like since the newfound partnership. To his credit, Trouble Andrew has raised quite a following for Gucci; tapping a demographic that may otherwise forgo product smothered with the interlocking print. The 200 or so works on display, along with shirts and stickers are available for purchase and the exhibit runs until September 23rd. Stop in to pose with the paintings, sit for a bit and/or bring home a souvenir!

"Life is Gucci"

Snoopy in Gucci...

Stickers on a stereo, up close 

Antique Chevy Corvair with goodies in the front

Speckled floor... my feet blend in!

Bringing his Brooklyn studio to Milk Gallery

Hand painted

Potential souvenirs

Don't sit on the trunks!

Two G's!


This is how we roll!

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