Wednesday, August 30, 2017


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Spider's Parlor by Janet Nolan at Bloomingdale's 59th St.

Workplace wardrobe teeters on the edge of sartorial feat and fashion faux pas. For men, corporate America abides by the uniform of shirt + tie + pants, leaving little room to deviate beyond cut and color choices. For women, clothing combinations and cautious calibration moderate between trendy and conservative, creating a new class of 'corporate chic.' Sleek style spawns to combat workplace weariness. Take a look around this week--what do you see? Are you runway ready or struggling with style? Enjoy this week's windows  at Bloomingdale's, featuring installation art by Janet Nolan... 

 Falls at #BLOOMIES59

CanCan by Janet Nolan

High Tide by Janet Nolan

Street View

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