Thursday, August 10, 2017


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Guess which storefront? // Fifth Ave. NYC

Even after 3 decades, the quips that surface on account of race haven't ceased (and still cease to amaze). "I know you-- you're that actress"--No, but I'll take it as a compliment"Are you related to Bruce Lee?" Ha!Wishful thinking"Your English is so good!" I hope so; Born and raised in the US! Unbeknownst to some, subconscious bias is baked into the day-to-day. Selected to participate in a "Connect to Success" program at work, the premise of promoting "equality" and "diversity" in the workplace unfolds through a pairing of "minorities" with Management "Mentors" (most of whom happen to be white). The message straddled embarrassing and insulting, "This program exists to give you a leg up, because diverse staff are often overlooked because of the way they look or their cultural background." Yikes. Something to reflect on--Where do your subconscious biases lie? 

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