Sunday, July 30, 2017


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Galeria Melissa's new Soho NYC Flagship at 500 Broadway, complete with dynamic LED displays

Part boutique, part gallery and fragrantly bubble gum infused, Brazilian shoe brand Melissa re-opens in a larger, more prominent Soho NYC flagship this week. Galeria Melissa NYC--third (behind London and Sao Paulo) in a series of conceptual endeavors by multimedia designer Muti Randolph--is an exponentially impressive display of artistry, mixing digital and physical to create a visually interactive retail masterpiece. Having infused aspects of local (Soho, NYC) and native (Brazil), the symphony of natural and baroque elements marry the many facets of the Melissa motif. Keep reading to have a look inside...

Impressive storefront

Entering the digital doorway, guests become submerged in sprays of light and mirrors. The spacious showroom extends into 4 main areas--an alcove hosting rotating art installations (currently featuring "The Future of Her"), a main showroom featuring women's product, a live green wall / register area and a shoe lounge in the back. Both core collections and collaborative projects are available throughout the store. Each space is joined by parallel sloping lines and mirrors. Several events are planned for the rest of 2017, including upcoming NYFW related festivities. 

Retail and gallery concept--merged

 Installation space, currently showing "The Future of Her" curated by Kelsey & Rimy Bennett, featuring work by Signe Pierce and Sam Cannon

Inside the installation cove

 Live plant wall + Mini Melissa

Taste of Brazil -- natural elements

 Shoe Lounge

Too cute! Melissa x Jason Wu

Mirror, Mirror... 

 All plastic!

Expertly merchandised and joined by lines and mirrors

Massive storefront

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