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Cutting Edges: Israeli Fashion & Design at the JCC Manhattan

Once stricken by civil unrest and a variable identity, Israel's political rhetoric has come to the forefront of design on fashion's global stage. As Israeli sentiment progresses, growing interpretations of nationalism are powerfully evident in the materials and methodology adopted by Israeli designers. Drawing from inspirational themes "Nature," "Free Form," "Craftsmanship," "Beauty and Brutalism," "Urban Jungle" and "Challenging Identity," Cutting Edges: Israeli Fashion & Design presents a view into the diversity, community and identity of contemporary Israeli fashion. Thirty designers are represented in the bifurcated display, curated by Keren Ben-Horin and set in the lobby of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Keep reading for more...

[L] Pnina Ben Meir, oversized dress (2016) // [M] Sara Bacsh, Birds of Paradise Sculpture to Wear // [R] Sample Marble Dress (S/S 2016)

Military-inspired pieces mingle with embroidered dresses, androgynous clothing and jewelry made of gold or found objects; each item has a unique story. An ensemble by designer Pauline Nahara represents the haste by which she evacuated her home and illustrates the fences crossed when immigrating to Israel as a refugee. The Muslin Brothers challenge gender roles through their unisex clothing. Notable fashion house Maskit--whose atelier experiences both shuttering and revival--continues to incorporate the use of traditional embroideries. 

[L + ML] Mascot Design House Resort 2017 // [R + MR] Yaron Minkowski Embroidered Evening Dresses (S/S 2016)

Beyond pure aesthetics, the unspoken legacy conveyed by the artistry on display defines Israeli heritage. Of the collection, curator Keren Ben-Horin states, "many Israeli designers have approached the use of materials in an entirely inventive way, mixing unexpected materials both precious and found, weaving together Middle Eastern and Western aesthetics, reacting to global trends and fashions." A majority of the pieces have been specially commissioned for this exhibit, some of which are available for purchase. The display remains on display at the JCC until the end of July; click here for more information.

Dori Csengeri, Fleur de Mal necklace + bracelet

Installation view of Beauty & Brutalism

Installation view-mens ; "Free Form," "Urban Jungle" and  "Challenging Identity" 

Men's Installation view

Eliran Nargassi, Shatnez Men's Tunic (2017)

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