Thursday, May 4, 2017


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 SSAW Magazine installation, part of the fashion after Fashion @MADmuseum

Living in one big City and visiting another, one can't help but compare the finds and faults of each. In a recent trip to San Francisco, one particular standout is the concerted "inclusiveness" embraced by the City and its inhabitants. While both NYC and SF have significant landmarks and restaurants--along with differences in terrain and transport--San Francisco leads in the area of progressive thought with designated gender-neutral bathrooms and exit signs at eye-level for wheelchair riders. This week, instead of store windows (and since I'm so behind), I present a window into fashion after Fashion at the MAD Museum. Six artists encourage viewers to diversify the definition of fashion. Keep reading for a look inside...

Royce Kawanishi's "NEW" collection -- visit  until August 6, 2017

Sleeves by Lucy Jones from her Seated Collection (2015); Jones highlights design for body types that would typically be excluded from fashion

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